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Velvet Shakes have just dropped their debut EP: Mellowdrama

Velvet Shakes is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: Mellowdrama. This new studio effort feels like a fantastic example of what it means to combine different genres so successfully, coming up with a very original sound. There is always a great story at the root of a great song, and each track on this EP feels quite powerful. The songs are catchy, yet spontaneous and easy to relate to. There is something quite magical when all of the elements come together to form something greater than the sum of the parts, and this definitely happens to be the case here. Velvet Shakes is not just a performer: he is a natural-born storyteller with something to say.

This release comes highly recommended if you enjoy music that sets the bar higher by blending various influences. Songwriting is all about finding balance, and Mellowdrama ticks all the boxes, going for a fresh and wildly dynamic feel. The song is immediately outstanding due to the quality of the production. Every element in the mix is seamlessly placed, highlighting the arrangement's power and dynamic range.

Find out more about Velvet Shakes, and do not miss out on Mellowdrama:



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