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Velvet Starlings shows off the classic rebelliousness of rock n’roll with “Technicolour Shakedown”.

Velvet Starlings - Technicolour Shakedown

Velvet Starlings shows off the classic rebelliousness of rock n’roll with “Technicolour Shakedown”. Garage rock rarely sounds this good. They seem to know that, for they filter quite a bit of late 60s psychedelic rock into the fray to ensure that the whole thing has a beautiful quality to it. With all the dissonance they never loose sight of the hook. By balancing all of this together, from the chaotic drums to the racing rhythms, it features a grandeur of a certain sort. Riffs are sculpted with such care for they too have an unhinged animalistic impulse behind it.

From the first moment they hold nothing back rushing right into the thick of it. A bright brilliant burst shoots out with everything happening at once. Upon the initial rush the song does settle down into a groove of sorts, ensuring that there is a happiness to underpin the entirety of the thing. Full of gleeful abandon, they incorporate lessons learned from groups as far-ranging as Thee Oh Sees and Harlem. By refusing to ever hold anything back there is an invigorating sensibility that flows into the overall sound making it something truly spirited. Over the course of the piece they down and triple down on the sense of togetherness, giving it a moment of pure joy especially given the isolating circumstances of this very moment in time. By allowing it all to overflow there is a supersaturation of sound that becomes dizzyingly disorienting.

“Technicolour Shakedown” revels its own noisy decadence with Velvet Starlings completely and fully letting loose.



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