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VIDEO PREMIERE - Fly the Nest goes for a full-bodied indie rock sound on “Old Street Lover”.

Fly the Nest - Old Street Lover

Fly the Nest goes for a full-bodied indie rock sound on the intense “Old Street Lover”. With nods to Interpol’s debut album, the sense of drama is a beautiful thing to behold. Absolutely bursting to the seams with an undue amount of emotion. Everything here works wonders as the group’s interplay is a pure delight. Riffs race on through as the rhythms have a propulsive driving presence to them never letting up. Vocals seem to rise above the rest of the din as he sings with a clear-eyed sense of purpose, one that proves to be truly exceptional to behold.

Volume isn’t even a suggestion it is a must for this is an urgent sound. They demand the listener truly feel every single moment of the epic track. A distinct post-punk ethos takes the lead, even as they incorporate a great deal of indie rock and pop into the mix. The dense layers of sound crash upon the listener for it all has an intrinsic beauty to it. Evolution of the rhythm further lends it a great weight to the whole of the work. Lyrics here seem to capture the mood of constantly moving forward perfectly. By allowing the many different elements enough room to roam, the song feels as if it can expand into the infinite.

“Old Street Lover” shows off the deft skill as Fly the Nest has a true sense of wonder with the world in a way that feels akin to a sheer force of nature.

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