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“Virgo” Showcases XTIE’s Unique and Tremendously Powerful Pop

XTIE sings straight from the heart on the passionate single “Virgo.” Her lyricism possesses so much fire while the song unfurls in a majestic way. A neat mixture of classical, EDM, and electro-pop, the entirety of the piece bursts with tremendous amounts of energy. Beats go for the bombastic while they virtually bounce of the walls. With such an ornate arrangement, it is easy to get lost in the myriad of twists and turns. Her lyrics effortlessly blend longing with density. In spite of the weight of the sound, the melody is never lost for it fuses with the tremendous strength of the groove in a way that feels highly organic.

Things start off with a bouncing beat. Expansive sounds permeate the entirety of the piece effortlessly cascading down. Upon the inclusion of her voice the track grows further. A sort of yearning comes through her voice with the keyboards coming through in a brilliant rush of colour. Bursting at the seams the EDM quality feels poignant as the crescendo then morphs into a beautiful display. Going for a nice breakdown of the sound the cyclical nature feels outright hypnotic. On the second reiteration she completely and fully lets loose in a way that becomes completely entrancing. Done with so much care the final stretch contorts itself in a myriad number of ways before fading out with elegance.


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