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Viscula proves to be a playful hybrid of styles on the impeccable grooves of “Rhumba”.

Viscula – Rhumba

Viscula proves to be a playful hybrid of styles on the impeccable grooves of “Rhumba”. A whole mixture of sounds from dub to reggae to surf rock, there is a lot of nimbleness occurring within the sound. The narrative of the song requires no words for they are exceptional storytellers carefully crafting their journey through rhythm. Quite infectious to behold the volume needs to be blasted for there is a physicality to it. Instrumentally there is a vibrancy to it for the sound feels absolutely drenched in sunshine. With this tropical cadence there is a calm, easy-going pulse that ties the entirety of the work together.

Guitars introduce the piece setting the mood for what follows. A dexterity of sorts comes into the fray. Interplay amongst the group has a taut angular presence. The buildup of the work happens with subtle gestures. Full of such energy the way they let it all grow feels quite natural. Lyrical without needing to say a single word the song sprawls out into the infinite. Every little flourish feels deliberate for theirs is a controlled approach to a large degree. Bass rumbles on through the entirety of the experience, for there is a heaviness to the whole thing. Layer upon layer is added in a careful way. Carefully balanced the song has a fragile beauty about it. Melodies waft on through the entirety of the work for there is a great mellowed vibe.

“Rhumba” features the exquisite multifaceted approach of Viscula in creating a world that has a warm, inviting presence.



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