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Vissia delivers a timeless classic ode on the powerful ballad of “I Just Wanna Hold U”.

Vissia - I Just Wanna Hold U

Vissia delivers a timeless classic ode on the powerful ballad of “I Just Wanna Hold U”. There is a richness to it one that is easy to get lost in. A portrait-like portrayal comes up through the piece. Everything here gets touched with an emotional chord, from the guitars that soar up into the sky to the pounding beat of the drums. Pieces of the blues, pop, indie rock, with a theatrical flair help to tie it all together. Within the sound itself it is easy to get lost in the many layers, helping to navigate a vast dense and deeply compelling atmosphere.

Her voice stands out prominently amongst the rest of the arrangement. From the beginning she has some intensity to it. Layer upon layer has a kaleidoscopic presence about it. Her delivery has a warm, welcoming presence to it. Lyrics here matter a lot for she makes sure each word is chosen with care. Done with dignity, there is a stately presence to the sheer tenor of her voice. Over the course of the work she lets the sound evolve, expand, and elaborate upon itself. Quite delicacy she allows a wider range of color to filter into the piece. She lets that initial spark of the sound shine brightly even for the finale. Remaining deeply lovely and rather soothing, the entirety of the sound washes over the listener in a blissed-out final moment.

“I Just Wanna Hold U” revels in Vissia’s fiery passionate vocalizations, for she completely commands over the rest of the sound.



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