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Vissia's “On My Mind” displays raw talent that draws from the past but is rooted in the present.

Vissia - On My Mind

Vissia goes for a graceful updated disco funk flavor on the powerful “On My Mind”. Infused with passion, her vocals have a yearning sweetness to them. Full of love the lyricism cascades in beautiful poetic lines, one that focus upon relationships and true compassion. The arrangement works wonders for it supports her perfectly, as every single gesture seems deftly suited to punctuate the importance of her storytelling abilities. Lean little pop nuggets with hooks aplenty, these are the sort of cheery soulful things that feel so welcome and absolutely touch the heart with their tenderness.

The graceful glide of the title track “On My Mind” stuns with its swagger. Such confidence rolls through and the song has a catchiness that can’t be beat. From that gorgeous beat to the pure polished production, everything here glistens. Then there are those vocals which have a fiery passion to them, as they burst through with such intensity. Volume is a must for hers is a physical sound, one that has a playfulness to it, even a flirtatious aspect to it as there is a sense of desire. On a softer note, comes the more intimate setting of “Never Gonna Be the Same”. Within this piece she pares the sound down so it has a softness to it. As opposed to the proper banger, this is the come-down track, the one that has a gentle demeanor that shows off her other side.

“On My Mind” displays the raw talent of Vissia in crafting a sound that draws from the past but is very much rooted in the present.



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