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“Volcano Sunset” shows off the deft skill of Zipten in exploring an entire territory of sound

Zipten – Volcano Sunset

Zipten goes for a gracious chilled out vibe with the blissful “Volcano Sunset”. Proving to be a deft producer, the beats here have a tremendous tactile quality about them while they work to create a soulful groove. Elements of post-rock, jazz, tribal, and EDM all filter into the mix but the end result is a distinct hybrid that feels so awe-inspiring. Without needing to say a single word an entire narrative comes into view, a story that unfurls with such delicacy. Layer upon layer of sound is applied with a painterly precision as the tremendous amount of colour flows through in such a joyous fashion.

Beats introduce the piece giving it a pulsing rhythm. From there the rest of the sound comes into view with such kindness. The Balearic vibes are potent as the whole of the track feels drenched in such tremendous sunshine. Over the course of the piece, such love seems to grow while the work ebbs and flows. It is particularly remarkable how Zipten remains more than game at pulling back on an as-needed basis, for the entirety of the track gains a living, breathing cadence from this cyclical style. Melodies too waft in the hot humid daze of the sound, delivered with almost a summery cadence while it constantly builds, grows and evolves in ways that soothe the soul.

“Volcano Sunset” shows off the deft skill of Zipten in exploring an entire territory of sound, one that conjures up vivid tropical imagery.


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