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“VS.” proves to be one of those tracks that has a blackened beauty to it.

Eddie Cohn - VS.

An iridescent piece of industrial synth-pop, Eddie Cohn explores darker impulses on the dystopian “VS.”. The way it embraces club culture with an edge recalls early Nine Inch Nails, for it has much of that same feeling. Synthesizer work here is absolutely flawless and Eddie truly understands the genre, for the way he utilizes every single sound feels highly respectful of the history of this approach. Beyond the obvious industrial and synth-pop elements, he also takes a stab at one genre that is particularly close to my heart – that of trance, for the way he unspools the sound gives it a true feeling of pure luxury.

Nor does he waste a moment for he gets things started immediately with an anxious synthesizer setting the scene. From this initial spark the rest of the track comes into focus. Vocal-less the way he builds up the groove proves to be masterful. Good headphones are recommended for he truly cares about every single little detail and the result is something that swirls about in the mind. At times it feels like there is a conflict of sorts, as the sound has an almost psychedelic quality, growing ever more chaotic. This controlled chaos proves to be the centre of the sound, for it evolves and expands out into the seemingly infinite. By giving so much freedom the song proves to be fully alive and thriving.

“VS.” proves to be one of those tracks that has a blackened beauty to it, for Eddie Cohn seems to explore a sheer freeform physicality.



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