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“Vulnerability” revels in the tenderness that Marlee Smith crafts in the whole of the piece.

Marlee Smith – Vulnerability

Marlee Smith sings with an intimate soulfulness on the powerful “Vulnerability”. Here lyrics take front and center stage, for every verse is chosen with the utmost of care. Speaking to the abuse and manipulation that so many go through continually there is a universal appeal to it. The pain she sings about is very real and the arrangement too does a marvelous job in further punctuating the power of each of her works. Production itself has a flawless grace to it, for it has a hushed, late-night reflective quality one exquisitely thoughtful.

The song has a hushed open, with a delicacy to it that feels respectful. String work has a sweeping, traditional quality to it. With nods to chamber folk outfits like Fleet Foxes and chamber country groups such as Lambchop, hers is a kind work. Full of so much honesty the way that she lets the atmosphere take over further adds to the thought-provoking quality of the piece. Every single element proves to be in exactly the right place, for she makes sure that despite being minimal, the emotional output has a maximal effect. Building the sound on up feels particularly lovely in a way that further adds to its sense of liveliness. Never raising its voice, the song still conjures up imagery of rising above, of becoming a true force determined to overcome any obstacle. The message lingers with the listener long after the song has ended.

“Vulnerability” revels in the tenderness that Marlee Smith crafts in the whole of the piece.



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