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VVEST Releases His First Single of 2022, Bad Move Baby, Showing His Great Multi-Talented Abilities.

By James Lawson

VVEST is the kind of guy who can do anything, all by himself too. He’s a song writer, a singer, a rapper, a producer, and engineer. Oh, and did I mention that he has his own record label too? It’s called Tarte Empire and he released Bad Move Baby on it, as well as all three albums he released during his prolific 2021.

Speaking of 2021, the lyrics in this tune do mention the pandemic that’s changed the way everyone has lived for the past two years, but it manages to mention this without it being a gloomy song about how rubbish it’s been. This is a skilful thing that he’s done here, highlighting yet another sign of a talented artist.

This new song highlights VVEST’s desire to keep challenging himself and growing as an artist, as it represents a move away from his usual trap style and more towards live instruments. Bad Move Baby features a tambourine for the intro, soon followed by the most infectious saxophone riff you’ll ever hear, which has the power to take control of your feet and have you dancing within seconds. This song is literally 2 minutes 27 seconds of summery groove. I can’t stop listening to it!

Feast your ears on this amazing sonic experience on any major streaming platform.


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