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“We are Strong” proves to be one of those truly stellar pieces.

ReHumanise - We are Strong

A symphonic form of industrial meets shoegaze, ReHumanise craft a dense delirious world with “We are Strong”. Sung with defiance there is an intense clear-eyed focus to the whole of the piece. Touching upon a bit of M83’s rock-oriented electronica, there is a soulfulness to the way that they let it all unfurl. Nor do they shy away from a big sound, they embrace it resulting in a massive wave of volume that simply washes over the listener. Vocals here have a defiance about them for they literally do rise above the rest of the din in a way that becomes awe-inspiring to behold. So many different layers mix into the fray resulting in a kaleidoscopic quality, one that becomes truly beguiling to behold.

Right from the beginning they hold nothing back as the sound unspools quickly. The rush feels intense physical even in how well they execute it. Beats here have an emotional impact as well, for they do not hurry but work as punctuation to the power of his verses. The word choice here has a stately grace to it and he has a strong voice, commanding with its delivery. From almost another universe the piece feels so foreign, futuristic, and so visceral. Volume needs to be blasted as there is an urgency that helps to guide the whole of the piece along.

“We are Strong” proves to be one of those truly stellar pieces, for ReHumanise takes the industrial tact further into the future with a distinct noise-like flair.



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