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“Welcome To Berlin” proves to be a truly dazzling display of Force Quit's talent.


Force Quit - Welcome To Berlin

Force Quit deliver a powerful piece of propulsive four to the floor Teutonic trance with the intense “Welcome To Berlin”. The hard drum kick is mixed to perfection helping to serve as the literal beating heart of the track, from which all else flows. Sheer animalistic energy takes on a tribal affect for the way the piece works itself up into a frenzy feels outright feral. Everything is sacrificed on behalf of the unstoppable groove, from the bass hits to the fragmented shards of melody that occasionally pepper the textures.

Hushed, whispered samples roll into the whole of the piece, never quite coming into focus. This mystery helps to led much of the work along ensuring that nothing is ever as it seems. Nighttime seems to favour into this vast, cavernous space as the way they cover so much territory feels outstanding. Attention to detail means that the smallest shifts have a maximum impact. A dark, sleek approach Force Quit make sure that its presence is felt, for the short, clipped moments that filter into the mix further add to the impending heavy pop of sound, before once again being subdued. Within this track there is a tension, a conflict of sorts as the rabid, wide-eyed stare of the sound tries to look for any place of comfort, and, finding none, races forward in a furious blur.

“Welcome To Berlin” proves to be a truly dazzling display of talent, as Force Quit goes for the purely physical with a sound that must be felt.

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