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"What If I" shows Luke Potter to be an exceptional addition to the fine singer/songwriter tradition

Luke Potter - What If I

Luke Potter offers a beautiful ballad straight from the heart on the tender tones of “What If I”. Done with the greatest level of care, Luke sings with such soul and spirit. Piano serves as the only accompaniment and it is all that is needed, for there is a delicacy to the entire arrangement. Every gesture is carefully considered executed with the greatest of care. The spaciousness of the sound further adds to its majesty as there is an understated elegance to how the piano work unfurls.

Right from the beginning there is an awed presence to the work. Never raising its voice, the whole of the song maintains a certain closeness with the listener. Lyrics have a grace to them for they are delivered with such care. Word choice matters while the song unfurls at its own careful pace. The rhythm takes on a pastoral hue to it for the lightness of the sound works wonders in drawing the listener into this beautiful realm. Buildup does occur but it happens with such care that it becomes something truly inspiring. Verses are balanced for their maximum impact, and the way the vocals are sung to the pitch perfection adds to the compassion quality. Allowing for all of this to sort of melt away for the final stretch only adds to its quiet majesty.

“What If I” proves to be one of those songs that has a timeless, classic cadence to it full of such life proving Luke Potter to be an exceptional addition to the fine singer/songwriter tradition.



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