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“White Collar” Shows Off the Impeccable Skill of Alpha Mortal Foxtrot

Alpha Mortal Foxtrot delivers a sheer wave of sound that crashes over everything with “White Collar.” They tap into the symphonic bliss of Explosions in the Sky, and their utilization of crescendos feels awe-inspiring. Volume is a must for theirs is a force of nature approach with the guitars soaring up into the sky and the drums going for a tectonic weight behind them. Post-rock merges with the DIY punk ethos of No Age in creating a vast sea of sound to get completely lost in. Layer upon layer is applied with painterly precision as it grows and grows.

Vocals introduce the piece. Quite intimate at first it feels akin to having a conversation with a friend.

The lyrics are chosen carefully for maximum impact. Gradually the emphasis begins to shift away from the vocalist and onto the symphonic bliss of the guitars. They possess a keen ear for melody as the entire piece radiates a certain degree of soulfulness. Yearning races through the entirety of the piece while the tension builds up until it finally explodes. With that burst they prove themselves to be masters of the post-rock crescendo dynamic. Going for a fully cyclical approach the finale seems to have them return back to the humble origins of the opening giving it a living breathing quality.

“White Collar” shows off the impeccable skill of Alpha Mortal Foxtrot in crafting a world that is distinctly their own.


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