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Why 76th Street is the next band to blow up in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, TN for quite some time has been known as the central hub of the music industry in the United States. Because of this, many acts have relocated to the Music City , in hopes of taking their music career to the next level. One band who has recently done this and closing in on success is the indie rock duo, 76th Street.

Founded by Haley Gold and Spencer Bryant, 76th Street first began with the two vocalists being best friends. Soon discovering their musical talents, they formed a band together naming it 76th Street, after the street they lived on at the time. Due to their unique sound, Haley and Spencer caught the attention of grammy winning producer Robb Vallier and released their first single in 2014 called“You and I”, jumpstarting their career.

Now taking years of experience to Nashville, Tennessee, the girls are on a fresh start to what feels like a rebrand story. 76th Street is set to stand out in Nashville due to a few factors. Haley and Spencer not only use storytelling in most songs but also add in harmonies to most of their melodies. This unique blend hasn’t been heard by many and is expected to be well received as they continue building their brand.

Most recently, 76th Street headlined their first show in Nashville marking the beginning of their new journey. With a new city to explore, new venues to play in, and new fans to find, 76th Street over the next year has the potential to be one of the biggest pop duo acts in Nashville.

Listen to 76th Street below on Spotify.



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