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Will Newman taps into an 80s retro R&B style with “Crazy”.

Will Newman – Crazy

Will Newman taps into an 80s retro R&B style with “Crazy”. Strong nods to the Weeknd’s titular sound adorn the whole of the piece. The production has a glossy sheen to it for the multiple layers remain lighter than air. Keeping things spaced out further adds to the blissed-out sense of wonder that adorns the whole of the track. Melodies quiver out in the background, blown-out for a shoegaze-like affect one that has a beguiling charm to it. References to Washed Out and Neon Indian’s chillwave aesthetic also loom large for the way it all comes together gives it a stream of consciousness quality to it one that is easy to get lost in. By far though the highlight comes from his cool, calm and steady vocals that have a warming, inviting presence to them.

Official Lyric Video

From far off, an entire universe comes into frame. Upon surrounding the listener in gorgeous swirls, the entirety of the piece wraps itself around the listener. His lyricism has a certain poetry to it for there is a light tenderness to it with a breathy delivery that touches upon a bit of Sam Prekop’s register, as it has that same sort of urbane sophistication. Quite beautifully, the evolution of the sound happens in small yet significant ways for everything builds and builds becoming something absolutely awe-inspiring towards the finale. A true river run like quality helps the song cycle back to its quiet origins.

“Crazy” revels in a sense of purpose and place, proving Will Newman to be an intrepid sculptor of sound.

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