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“Wind, Hail, And Snow” features the great elegance of Kristian Phillip Valentino.

Kristian Phillip Valentino - Wind, Hail, And Snow

Gently drifting off to dreamland, Kristian Phillip Valentino makes “Wind, Hail, And Snow” sound as warm and welcoming as sitting next to the roaring fire. For a song that explores wintertime there is a much-needed kindness to it. The tenderness of the sound goes beyond his mere vocals though, for the entire band is on the same page. Interplay of the group features a colorful quality to it. By blurring the lines between the surreal and surreal, there is a joy to it. Stylistically he brings elements of shoegaze, classical, drone, and slowcore in a way that has such a unique sensibility to it.

The song starts off dropping the listener into their own fragile universe. Various elements seem to emerge to convey a sense of endless space. Small details right at the periphery of the sound helps to give it the right degree of intimacy. At times it feels like the listener is right there with him. Understated piano further adds to this timeless approach. Melodies waft on through full of live and contemplation. With all the many different elements combining together a sense of meditation comes through, as his voice further adds to the effect of tender moment shared. Throughout the piece there is an ability of the sound to be pulled back, to keep its passions in check for something a lot more raw and soulful.

“Wind, Hail, And Snow” features the great elegance of Kristian Phillip Valentino in crafting a universe that has a distinct lovely beauty to it.



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