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With only her voice and a piano, Lara Snow commands an entire world to bend to her whims.

Lara Snow - Wild Sea (Stripped Version)

With only her voice and a piano, Lara Snow commands an entire world to bend to her whims on the intense “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)”. Pure passion flows out of the song from the sole two instruments. The piano playing has a fierceness to it. By far though the true highlight of the work comes from her voice. With a power to it, her voice holds absolutely nothing back. Lyricism has a poetry to it. Every verse plays off the last for her performance is captivating. She sings with pure fire for the intense urgent sound is thanks mainly due to her incredible performance, one that lingers on in the mind.

No buildup, nothing she dives headfirst into the sea of sound. Immediately the tenor of the track is set, adding to the clear-eyed razor-sharp focus of the work. Everything here adds to the lived-in presence of the piece, from the piano that truly becomes a force of nature in its own right to the undeniably crisp vocals. In such a space, production values matter a significant amount and here they are certainly stunning. Within the entirety of the work an intimacy of sorts helps to give it that further boost required to make it something quite essential. Done with such dignity and grace, her work defies easy categorization for it has a timeless affect to it, thanks in large part to its bare-bones raw grit and soul.

Lara Snow goes for a visceral, emotionally laden experience on the stately “Wild Sea (Stripped Version)”.



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