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With such a beautiful arrangement, Acrost delivers something straight to the soul on “Ambergris".

Acrost – Ambergris

Acrost crafts a perfect piece of dream pop on the gentle journey of “Ambergris”. The sense of calm radiates throughout the whole of the piece from the lush sweep of the synthesizers to the beautiful melody that ties all of it together. Many layers of sound intermingle on this piece giving it a warm, inviting feeling yet always maintaining a unique airiness. Elements of the piece recall bits of shoegaze and drone into the fray for it has that similar introspective energy. By far though the main effect must be the wonderful vocals that have an otherworldly presence to them featuring some rather gorgeous lyricism.

They waste no time in setting the mood, for the guitars swoop in with a sense of purpose. Quite spacious the sound explores obscure geographies taking up ever larger swathes of territory. Rhythms go for an easy-going cadence, never rushing anything. Mood appears to be the essential component for the song swirls about as if in a delirious haze. Verses are chosen with the greatest of care to make sure that the temperament remains quite steady, heavily focused on the importance of each word. Evolution of the sound happens ever so gradually almost imperceptible at times in terms of its slow, blissful cadence. Getting lost in the sound proves to be so easy and essential for it feels fantastic to simply surrender to the song’s obvious charms.

With such a beautiful arrangement, Acrost delivers something straight to the soul on the lovely “Ambergris”.


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