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Wolfnunn gets into the joys of early 90s rave with “Volt”.

Wolfnunn – Volt

Wolfnunn gets into the joys of early 90s rave with “Volt”. Aptly named the song speeds along at a furious pace. Full of life and playful, the technicolour dream coat of the track wears feels so soothing. Volume is an absolute must for there is a physicality to the sound design, one that propels it along. Bass has a heaviness to it, for it is sculpted with the greatest of care. By far though the real joy comes from the punk ethos of much of the piece, for Wolfnunn also brings that oftentimes forgotten part of rave’s origins into the fray.

The song starts off immediately and races on through at a breakneck pace. Everything here has a multifaceted, multilayered approach one that is an absolute thrill to fully observe. Beats are intense as the tempo constantly gears up for an ever-more delirious take on the sound. A keen ear for melody informs much of the riffs, which themselves offer a slight lineage from rock’s most rebellious actions. By incorporating so much into the proceedings what results is an atmosphere that is ever so easy to get lost within. Done with so much urgency, he never lets up instead constantly doubling down on the overall tact, making sure that for the finale it all comes together in a majestic way.

“Volt” shows off the exquisite attention to detail and the cinematic flurry of activity that made rave culture such an inclusive, joyous community to be a part of, and Wolfnunn does that part of its legacy tremendous justice.



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