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World Goes Round Release Anthem-Rich Album ‘World Goes Round’ On Vinyl.

World Goes Round are bursting onto the scene to redeem the chaos of the last few years with their utterly infectious hits. The “supergroup that never was” is finally freeing their vibrant tracks this year, and their dominating airwaves along the way. Made up industry titans Frank Musker, Elizabeth Lamers, Marty Walsh and Jeff Hull, World Goes Round is made all the more intriguing by the rich history that has led to their delayed debut. Having met as professional songwriters back in the eighties, these four musician magicians met up to pen songs solely for themselves. Due to a multitude of reasons, both personal and contractual, these songs have been forgotten about and languished unheard for oner thirty years. Fast forward to present day (and what an unprecedented present day it is) and World Goes Round’s revival is redeeming this year with their completely captivating and colorful music.

Their self-titled debut album is rich with the electric energy you can expect from tunes rooted in eighties funk. Each of the ten tracks showcases a specific sound, all with the powerful vocal performances of Frank and Elizabeth stood centre stage. ‘Round The World’ is a stand-out song from the album. Evoking an overwhelming optimism, this track really will brighten up even the darkest of British-winter days. World Goes Round says of the track:

“In the case of Round the World the song deals with an escape from a negative relationship which is going nowhere. But it’s written from a more optimistic perspective – that a new love has brought new hope for a better future. Making that final break with the past and setting off to find the big beautiful world that’s out there waiting to be discovered and experienced is the theme of the sunny light filled chorus. It swells the heart with positivity, warmth and the hope that people all over the world want the same things – love, freedom, joy, adventure and fulfillment.”

‘Put It On The Line’ is another notable track in this goldmine of musical mastery. Swimming in synth-soaked eighties sounds, this track commends those who risk their lives for their country each day – and they do so with style. The whole album boasts a brilliance and flair that only such a group of industry legends could provide – and, with a year so disheartening, it’s safe to say the stars aligned perfectly for this anthemic album to provide some sensational vibes just in the nick of time.

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