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Xylaroo’s have the ability to sculpt a serene, tender sound that feels outright gorgeous!

Xylaroo – Isolation

Xylaroo’s “Isolation” has a stripped-down beauty to it, bringing together elements of classical and futurism in a way that is uniquely her own. Sung with so much passion she holds nothing back, for the song itself neatly embodies the zeitgeist of the times. The song has a beauty to it. Full of such a gorgeous cadence to it the work has an angular touch to it. With more than a singular glance to Bjork’s loveliness, the piece has a uniqueness to it. Words are picked out carefully and with a considered tone, making sure it all swirls about in a dream pop fashion. Incredibly tender melodies resonate throughout and there is a looseness to it that has a kind-hearted appeal.

Hushed elements introduce the piece and there is a blissful quality to it. A pastoral rhythm enters into the fray making sure that there is a lush, luxurious aspect to it. Vocals serve as the very core of the whole track. Quite intelligent, the vocals have multiple aspects to them making sure that they constantly evolve. Grooves further add to the blast of the work, making sure that balance has a playfulness to it. The nature of the piece is one that deals in subtle gestures, as they become further amplified in the relative sedate-like spirit of the entirety of the work. For the finale it lets loose a little bit, allowing a moment of letting its hair down before it dissolves into the sonic ether.

“Isolation” shows off Xylaroo’s uncanny ability to sculpt a serene, tender sound one that feels outright gorgeous to behold.



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