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Yearning rests at the core of Lindsay Munroe’s “Weekend Love”.

Lindsay Munroe - Weekend Love

Yearning rests at the core of Lindsay Munroe’s “Weekend Love”. I love everything about this, for they hit the right mix of indie rock meets fuzzed-out garage rock jangle. Her voice has a steadiness to it that feels reassuring. Volume is a given for this is a thing that needs to be played loud. From the hit of the drums to the ragged edges of the riffs, there is a rawness to the sound. They capture something that has a live quality to it, intimate really in terms of how it evolves. Over the course of the piece, I am reminded of groups like The Breeders in terms of their dexterity and sheer vigor.

The mood is set immediately. Her voice takes charge with the verses given a stark beauty to them. From the chug of the groove there is a driving presence to it. Underneath the arrangement there is a yearning aspect to the way the piece progresses. Ringing out into the distance the way the many elements intermingle has a fantastic freedom to it. Yet there is also an airiness to it. Going for the accessible, the song has a warm welcoming poise to it. Over the course of the piece they allow these elements to filter into the fray, with the ebb and flow of the action giving it a lovely sensibility. All of it results in a sound and style that has a classic timelessness to it.

Done with such care and poise, Lindsay Munroe delivers something that stuns with “Weekend Love”.



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