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Yon Idy offers a compassionate update of the classic folk sound with “In Time”.

Yon Idy - In Time

Yon Idy offers a compassionate update of the classic folk sound with “In Time”. Here he expands what that term means, incorporating a bit of a symphonic edge to it. His voice takes front and center stage for there is an assured presence to the way he powers through the work. Guitar work has a fragility to it, proving as the perfect counterpoint to the sheer power of his voice. Everything in the background gradually rises up as well, enveloping the whole song with a spirit of pure community. Word choice matters for it drips with a poetic sensibility. Nods to groups like Fleet Foxes are unavoidable, for Yon has a similar honeyed quality to his delivery.

Guitar work has a careful patience to it. His voice follows the guitar at first, eventually overtaking it in terms of importance. The percussion feels wispy for it keeps itself occupied right in the background. Almost toe-tapping at times a compassion reigns supreme within the sound itself, as various features start to come into focus. Patience proves to be of the essence for the way the sound evolves gives it a natural joy to it. Every reiteration of the theme results in it getting tweaked ever so slightly, for the song trades in subtle gestures. Vocals though really do anchor it imbuing the song with a pastoral beauty, one that celebrates the gigantic nature of life.

“In Time” features the uncanny delivery of Yon Idy in sculpting a sound and aural universe that is distinctly his own.



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