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Young God Blow & DAM3 go hard, very hard, on the intense flow of “11th Street”.

Young God Blow & DAM3 - 11th Street

Young God Blow & DAM3 go hard, very hard, on the intense flow of “11th Street”. Spitting out verses like fire the way they let the song evolve gives it an intensity, one that begs to come closer. Volume is a must for theirs is a sound that needs to be felt as much as heard. Bass booms with a tremendous heft behind it making it something simply stunning. The sample too has an eeriness thanks in part to its cyclical repetition where the reiteration of the theme further cements the song’s true intensity. Layer upon layer enters into the fray resulting in something that simultaneously has a spaciousness yet with a keen sense of uncertainty.

The sound starts off on an atmospheric kick before getting into the thick of it. Atmosphere proves to be a huge part of the joy, for, in addition to this being a properly massive sound, there is some incredible attention shown to the way that the verses cascade downwards. Nods to Drake’s work alongside others is abundantly clear, for they have that same level of focus and uncanny ability to craft infectious hooks that simply sync into the very mind. Evolution of the sound does happen but there is a wildness to the whole thing, one that results in a wonderful smooth finale where seemingly all loose ends are brought into the fray.

“11th Street” shows off Young God Blow & DAM3’s righteous fervor and ability to craft hip-hop into an absolute art form.



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