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Zaflon unveils the blistering new track ‘Till The Meds Wear Off (Let’s Dance)’

As an artist that is always looking to go above and beyond in his work, South London-based producer and songwriter Zaflon is looking to explore uncharted waters on his latest release as he adds his own vocals to his newest offering ‘Till The Meds Wear Off (Let’s Dance)’. Although he usually prefers to work with collaborators on his material, the lockdown meant he has forced to rely on himself for this new cut, giving it a sound that he had never developed before. Showing off his impressively dark pipes for the first time, ‘Till The Meds Wear Off (Let’s Dance)’ is a strong and pulsing return for the artist and makes for an incredibly euphoric and inviting listen.

Explaining the new track, he said, "I tried the vocals thing ages ago and was told by people who I respected to stick to production. In retrospect I'm surprised I listened but when you're young you're very impressionable and I let a few comments make me insecure rather than defiant especially as these were the same people praising my production. Recently I put a few things online of me singing. It started with a cover of The Racoons cartoon theme tune Run With Us. “I put it on my private Facebook just for fun so only my inner circle saw it and people loved it. I then got other singers who I work with telling me I should sing more. That is when it hit me; life's too short, the world could end tomorrow, I'm gonna sing now. I started trying out vocals and found that the sound I was producing for my instrumentals was not what I wanted to sing too. I then found myself reverting back to my early Electro EDM sound like when I was playing Keys for David E Sugar and we were supporting La Roux on tour but modernising it by combining it with with sounds and techniques that I'd picked up on the rest of my journey." Check out the new video for ‘Till The Meds Wear Off (Let’s Dance)’ below. Go follow Zaflon on socials: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter Discover more music: Bandcamp | Spotify | Youtube



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