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ZANZAR goes for an acid-drenched folk psychedelic on the animalistic energy of “mó fita”.

ZANZAR - mó fita

ZANZAR goes for an acid-drenched folk psychedelic on the animalistic energy of “mó fita”. Their sense of space is uncanny for the sound itself harkens back a bit to Krautrock’s wildest experiments. References abound within their approach from Can’s sweaty intense groove to the more contemporary work of Gnod. Exploration of the groove is a pure joy for they allow a great degree of physicality into the fray. Vocals have a communal presence about them for they seem to celebrate these moments together, as if the songs are perfectly attuned to be the soundtrack for unknown rituals. Volume is not a choice it is loud and must be played as such to truly appreciate their tremendous ability at songcraft.

Right in the beginning of the journey they hit a high note on the tremendous rush of “Ziriguidum”. Here the chanting and the drumming feels perfect syncing up in this delirious fashion, with the group virtually bouncing off the walls. Guitar work cannot be ignored for there is a truly unhinged presence about them. “Amanhã” goes for a spirited approach, as there is a bleariness to the way that the song rolls on by, as the vocals have a compassionate cadence to them. With “Velhas Canções” they touch upon an easy-going, gentle groove, maintaining their initial weirdness but softening ever so slightly with a jazz meets math rock inflection.

“mó fita” revels completely in the carefree attitude of ZANZAR in how they mix a sense of pure freedom alongside an almost mystical, otherworldly spirit.



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