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Zip! goes for a true sense of depth on the longing “cold”.

Zip! – cold

Zip! goes for a true sense of depth on the longing “cold”. Here the vocals prove to be it all for there is a tenderness to the way it unfurls. Stylistically the genres that get brought into the mix have a beauty to them, from the bliss of dream pop to the yearning of R&B right down to a bit of hip-hop/jazz influences that further bring colour. Lyrics have a lived-in presence to them all for there is a tremendous vulnerability to them making sure that each verse play off the last resulting in a fully realized portrait that has so much behind it. A timelessness comes through the whole of the work, as there is a polished luxury to it.

Right in the beginning there is a hushed awe behind it. The colours that enter the fray have a pretty, bright quality to them helping to lend the lyrics that heightened sense of awareness. From that initial spark, the small ambient flourishes, the song gains a prominence to all of it. Layers are brought into the sound but remains shockingly intimate. Buildup occurs but it happens in a way that feels casual, the way that reminiscing happens in a brilliant blur. Over the course of the work there is a desire behind it, one that helps to guide the piece all the way to its finale. Quite cleverly, it constantly evolves and surprises.

“cold” has a full narrative to it, proving Zip! to be a storyteller of the highest possible caliber.



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