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Zipten’s “Midnight Walk” goes for a classy yet understated approach.

Zipten - Midnight Walk

An urbane, sophisticated take on electro house, Zipten’s “Midnight Walk” possesses so much heart. Sounding akin to a long-lost track off the “Lost in Translation” soundtrack, everything here has an elegance to it. Inflections of jazz work wonders in giving the entirety of the work a gracious, tasteful tenor one that rolls on through with such confidence.

References abound throughout the whole of the piece but one in particular, the serene Zen calm of Shinichi Atobe’s output. Layer upon layer is brought into the mix resulting in a dream-like trance, one where the cyclical sound works to create a hypnotic groove that draws the listener into a whole other universe. This sort of transformative approach works wonders while it unspools in a way that recalls early 90s electronic chill-out groups like the KLF and Future Sounds of London.

The song has a gorgeous form of evolution one that feels outright visceral. Every single gesture on it is carefully considered for maximum impact. More than anything, there is a distinct sense of place that seems to guide the whole of the piece along. Nothing is rushed it is a leisurely pace, as the rhythms perfectly match that of the city, for they are so lush. It is easy to get lost in the fantastic series of patterns and grooves that feel so reassuring.

Such a beautiful piece that practically blooms with colour, Zipten’s “Midnight Walk” goes for a classy yet understated approach.

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