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Words about sweet sounds. Listen local, think global. 


Fruit Sonic is a music blog based in Dublin, Ireland. We're not just focused on music from Ireland, we are open to tunes from further afield. 

We are independently run, so please consider donating to help support us!

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For general inquiries, advertising, collabs, or to write with us: ( Please do not email this address expecting a review )

Say hi and introduce yourself:

@fruitsonicblog on Instagram 💕🥳

We love to know who you are 🎸


First, know that you're on a "niche" platform. Even though the blog is read in over 100 countries. We focus on tracks that truly moves us. Your song has to have us vibing... and moving our body or tapping our foot to the beat.

You can expect quality with our blog and some real people reading and hopefully following you on social media and fingers crossed streaming you on Spotify on repeat.

Taking note form another blog, I have decided to place a hidden link in this text to submit to us. This link will give you exposure to 100's of other blogs too. You are guaranteed that more than one blog will approach you and request to feature your music !!!

How cool is that !!! Thank you 🙏

If you have read this you have seen the link 🥳 it is the only time we mention the word music 🎸🎸🎸

Hover and click to submit 💕🔥

Director - Colm Slattery 

Editor in Chief - Jessie Slattery


Elina Filice

Gavin Sheridan

Ciarán McGann

Pio Hartnett 

Aubrey Hennessy 

Sarah Thomas

The team

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