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A chilled-out hip-hop vibe reigns supreme on Kubota & Kingsford’s “Thank You”.

Kubota & Kingsford - Thank You

A chilled-out hip-hop vibe reigns supreme on Kubota & Kingsford’s “Thank You”. Samples feature a bit of beauty to it. The sound offers a rather rich luxuriousness to it. Beats have a delicacy to them, for they cascade ever downwards. Lyrics radiate happiness as there is a clear positivity to the message. Word choice has a careful, considered quality to it. The many layers have a grace to them. Nods to groups like MF Doom appear directly, as there is a similar dreaminess and lack of speed. Instead, a lot of the song explores a happiness to it, the loveliness that comes from the simple moments in life, of appreciation of others.

Jazzy licks underpin the whole thing for there is a sense of togetherness. Romantic to its very core the whole of the experience has a yearning. Full of thankfulness it all has a worming, weaving way to how it all unfurls. Evolution occurs and it does so in rather delicate ways. Every single detail gets drenched in sunshine for there is a gentleness to the way it all merges together to create this cohesive, coherent whole. Lots of soothing textures run through all of it, as it allows a degree of delicacy to balance the entire experience. Throughout the whole of the journey the hooks remain front and center of the thing, as the track has a peacefulness to it.

“Thank You” shows off the mellow flow of Kubota & Kingsford for they make sure to hold nothing back.



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