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Adam Cats delivers a raw soulful rap on the thought-provoking “The Human”.

Adam Cats - The Human

Adam Cats delivers a raw soulful rap on the thought-provoking “The Human”. Everything about this features a unique degree of intimacy from the muffled hit of the drum to the insistent piano that overlays the entire thing. This quality at times feels outright inviting for the casual tone of the groove adorns his verses with such tremendous care. Word choice is picked out with the utmost of care for he brings a wide slew of topics into the fray from climate change to politics, doing all of it with such ease.

Beats hit hard with an organic nature to it. Upon the vocals entering into the track things truly get started. Highly thought-provoking there is a great intelligence behind each verse. Cleverly he speaks truth to power for the whole of the song evolves in its own naturalistic way. Never overdoing the production, he keeps things sparse yet still quite punchy. In some ways he takes a page from Sleaford Mods’ as the lyrics cut to the very bone. Unlike Sleaford Mods, he has an optimism behind his verses. For the latter half of the song, he incorporates a bit of a punk rock verve into the sound, as the guitar work and bass come together into a wonderful groove. The piano is absolutely perfect serving as the counterpoint the rest of the song in a way that feels fresh.

“The Human”, which was produced by Nabil Sioty and mixed by Blakkheart, features an intrepid look of Adam Cats gazing upon the world with a perspective that feels poignant in this very moment.



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