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Adria Kain delves into an epic sound on the R&B meets post-rock brilliance of “Ocean (Reprise)”

Adria Kain - Ocean (Reprise)

Adria Kain delves into an epic sound on the R&B meets post-rock brilliance of “Ocean (Reprise)”. Everything about it has a sense of fire to it despite the rather minimal arrangement. Vocals here stun for they are filled with an uncanny passion. Lyrics cascade one on top of the other. Her voice has a smooth silkiness to it for there is a sculpted quality. The looseness of the arrangement draws a bit from Frank Ocean’s desire to create a hermetically sealed universe, a stream of consciousness brought in front of the listener. Guitar work has a keen elegance to it for it serves as a neat counterpoint to the sheer strength of her words.

The sound begins with a hushed awe. Nearly a whisper at first, the mood is set with stunning quickness. A deliberate pacing ensures that her message gets reinforced in a respectful fashion. Her attention to detail is incredible, for the whole arrangement feels so delicate and fragile, as if a strong breeze could blow it away. Perhaps this is the true core of the sound – the ability to find a soulfulness even amongst the most vulnerable of moments. Evolution of the groove makes sure to keep things rather nimble. No beats, the rhythm used has a natural, even pastoral, hue to it. Color blooms forth within the entirety of the work making sure that every single gesture gets amplified in full.

“Ocean (Reprise)” features a lovely sound, one that revels in Adria Kain’s uncanny ability to tap into a meditative moment.



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