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“$alary Bump (feat. Tre Romell)” shows off the undeniable energy and deft lyricism of Ty Thom.

Ty Thom - $alary Bump (feat. Tre Romell)

Pure swagger with a gigantic, triumphant sound Ty Thom goes for a wild style with “$alary Bump (feat. Tre Romell)”. Volume is a given for the song rumbles on through in a truly massive way. From the heavy, very heavy bass to the fanfare that gets twisted on throughout, there is a power to it. Everything about this demand to be blasted for there is a tremendous wave of positivity that it captures. Melodically rich, the many samples interwoven within further gives the atmosphere a sense of a massive tapestry. Of course, the true heart and soul of the sound comes from his impassioned flow that runs through the entirety of the track like pure fire.

From moment one they burst onto the scene with a fun, furious approach. Beats hit as a pure force of nature. The bass stuns for it virtually rolls on through with confidence. Words are spit out so fast for the verses are full of an endless number of references. Netflix, GTA, all of it adds to the track feeling truly lived in, making it an entire universe unto itself. Usage of pitch-shifting, stunning little polished details, all of it matters for it rumbles on through with its own confidence. A clear-eyed focus further ensures that they never veer from this initial burst of energy, for theirs is a sound that is truly and completely celebratory.

“$alary Bump (feat. Tre Romell)” shows off the undeniable energy and deft lyricism of Ty Thom.



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