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B. Shields brings the funk with the crate-digging splendor of “El Capitan”.

B. Shields - El Capitan

B. Shields brings the funk with the crate-digging splendor of “El Capitan”. A great amount of homage is paid to those funk greats, for he literally gives some of them direct shout-outs, in particular the very fine Ohio Players, among others. The old school approach lends authenticity to the sound for it features a truly massive presence. Playful right to its very core, the piece has a tremendous good energy to it. So much color comes into the fray featuring a fantastic amount of attention given. Grooves are done with dignity for they have a grandeur to them. Volume is absolutely a must for they bring together old school and nu school influences.

Nor does the song waste a moment. His lyricism taps into a historical vein and captures the many individuals who helped to bring about the cherished sound. Everything about it has a joy about it with the vocals doing their best to capture the glee of the verses. Full of life, the song unfolds to reveal a real talent for form. Grooves here are taut, the rhythm snaps, and everything works in service of the hooks, of which there are plenty. Rather nice to hear a funk track that does not either indulge fully in the past or future, but brings them both together. By taking on this hybrid spirit the rest of the work swirls about and there is a sense of togetherness to it.

“El Capitan” offers a soulful take on classic funk with B. Shields.



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