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“Best of Me (feat. Jenayla)” proves to be a joyful, peaceful piece of pop.

DM Ascension - Best of Me (feat. Jenayla)

DM Ascension busts out with a beautiful nu jazz groove on the soulful “Best of Me (feat. Jenayla)”. Everything here has a lush, even plush, quality to it – from the smooth sound of the keyboards to the way that the saxophone sings and soars up into the heavens. Vocals too further emphasize this crystal cool quality making sure that there is not a single wasted moment in putting together a piece that swirls about in a gentle, soothing whole. Little details matter a great deal and by keeping things to the essentials the uncluttered arrangement feels joyous.

Vocals introduce the piece and from there the rest of the sound comes sweeping on through. Jazz and ambient become one on this piece, with nods to pop regarding the infectious hooks that grace the whole of the track. Bouncing with so much energy the rhythm has a gliding aspect to it, as if it was almost weightless. Melody blends with the groove to create this inner peace feeling, one that feels just right with oh so much colour drenching the whole thing. The noirish quality, the way that it slyly unfurls, adds to this classic, stately presence presenting a piece of pop that is as thoughtful as it is catchy, no mean feat.

“Best of Me (feat. Jenayla)” proves to be a joyful, peaceful piece of pop, one that draws from the past as well as points to the future, proving DM Ascension to be a sculptor of sound of the highest caliber.



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