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Desarae Dee explores a joyous mixture of hip-hop, funk, and soul on the limber “Late Arrival – Remix

Desarae Dee - Late Arrival – Remix

Desarae Dee explores a joyous mixture of hip-hop, funk, and soul on the limber “Late Arrival – Remix”. Without needing to say a single word, the whole of the song reveals a careful, wordless narrative one that has a sense of life to it. Instrumentally they bring it all from the playful piano to the gusto of the guitar, with the keyboards sprinkled throughout for good measure. A balance of all of the mix feels so gracious, with the melody underpinning all of it. Nods to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder Records approach. Many different genres get brought into the mix, and the way they interact provides the narrative tension of the work.

Clever chords introduce the piece, already revealing a great degree of sophistication. Thoughtful and playful the song elaborates upon that initial impulse, allowing a lot of different elements to come on in anchoring the tempo and the groove. Bass has a dexterity to it that recalls a bit of old school Parliament for how it virtually bounces off the walls. Quite Byzantine in terms of how they lay out patterns and let it all sort of unfurl from there everything offers a blissed-out quality to it. Full of good vibes, there is a communal optimism that drives the song forward. Dance enters into the mix yet even this feels highly creative, as it does not adhere to typical dancefloor cliches instead taking the path less chosen.

Such a dignified sound to behold, Desarae Dee taps into an emotionally moving body of work on the elegant “Late Arrival – Remix”.



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