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“Do That…” shows off Sean Reid’s ability to get the party started.

Sean Reid - Do That...

Sean Reid captures the raw visceral spirit of the dance floor with “Do That…”. Everything about the song has a slinky, gorgeous groove to it. The elasticity of the rhythm feels absolutely wonderful, for he stretches and contorts the bass in fantastically unexpected ways. No matter what sort of experimentation he uses, he remains firmly rooted in the traditions of pop and hip-hop. All of it works best when put alongside his distinctive voice, a unique cadence that feels so inviting. Production here has a polished perfection to it, as the interplay of the many gestures works wonders in making something truly lovely.

Right from the beginning he sets the atmosphere flawlessly. Elements filter into the mix as the song comes into focus. His delivery feels like pure fire for his flow has a tremendous energy behind it. By riding the beat, he creates something that draws the listener into a chaotic world, one where sudden bursts of colour unexpected enter into the equation. Usage of distorted vocals further add to the swirling mix, for the pitch shifts and changes feel fantastic. Such a unique style he makes sure that the energy never stops, feeling the evolution of the sound is something that is so massive. Never overdoing things, he remains quite firmly rooted within a futuristic form of hip-hop, for he pushes the sound quite far in a truly masterful way.

“Do That…” shows off Sean Reid’s ability to get the party started with a pulsing club banger that simply stuns.



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