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DUEL NATIVE features an urbane sophisticated on the delicate indie rock fervor of “Commodity”.

DUEL NATIVE – Commodity

DUEL NATIVE features an urbane sophisticated on the delicate indie rock fervor of “Commodity”. There is a lot of passion here and it draws the listener into his unique aural universe. Interplay of the group feels fantastic for there is so much color brought into the proceedings. His voice has a calm reassuring presence to it, at times touching upon a bit of Jon Brion’s classic pop musings. Instrumentally vibrant the many players bounce off each other, listening to each other. Melodically rich the textures roll over the listener helping to give them a sense of purpose. Lyrics here have a poetry to them for they explore the sense of self in a way that is refreshingly honest.

The beginning sets the tone quite quickly for he wastes no time in getting the mood started. From there the rest of the song moves at a brisk pace. Percussion here features a jazz-like cadence, light, bright, and airy. His voice falls into place perfectly with the rest of the sound orbiting around it. Small licks, little dollops of color, enter in adding to the ornate presence of the entire piece. Everything about it stuns for there is a quickness to it, one that bursts with a tremendous degree of happiness, exploration, even contemplation. A sense of meditation on the human condition helps to tie the entirety of the work together.

“Commodity” has a timeless quality one that shows off DUEL NATIVE’s ability to bring old school and nu-school styles into a singular whole.



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