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Kihmy Delivers Fascinating New Track ‘Alone With My Pillow’ with Skilful Musicianship.

Here we have a brand-new track that has been released just today by Swiss-born artist and producer Kihmy, who grew up in Italy and started writing music and playing keyboard when she was still a child, influenced by electronic music and later Hip-hop, Funk, RnB, and Soul. It’s clear when listening to her music that she’s a well-rounded artist who has bags of talent, and it’s a blessing for the music world that she’s eventually following the path that music has led her down. She had a go at studying economics but realised that she wasn’t destined for that, so at the of 25 she decided to go for it; she became a musical artist.

‘Alone With My Pillow’ is her new track; a fresh release full of emotion and vulnerability. The main instrument on display is the piano, which she plays so gracefully along with her deep, velvet voice. The piano at the start of the song is light and delicate, played in a way that perfectly sets the scene of confusion which is so prevalent in the lyrics of the verses, backed up by the haunting violin-like sound that is subtly placed in the mix too. This is the sign of a true musician; she’s got the whole mysterious ‘lonely in a darkened room' atmosphere spot on. It’s like she’s painted the listener a sonic picture with her words and music. As the song progresses and we reach the pre-chorus part, a bit of slow percussion is introduced, which then picks up some speed in the chorus as Kihmy sings more direct, straight-forward lyrics asking her love interest to be honest with her.

Overall, what makes this song so unique and refreshing in the context of the wider music scene, is that Kihmy has used minimal instrumentation and sound effects, featuring just a piano, a very understated drumbeat in some parts, and some occasional strings. So, what’s on the pedestal? What’s the focal point? Her voice. She manages to add substance and layers to the song just with her voice; it really thickens the track out and makes it sound like there’s more going on than there really is. Kihmy has an extremely melancholic, soulful voice that holds passion in each lyric she sings.

Go and listen to this fascinating, skilfully crafted piece of music here:



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