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King Castle's “Dracula” crafts a universe that is truly and distinctly his own.

King Castle – Dracula

King Castle embarks on a playful disposition on the swaggering style of “Dracula”. Lyrics here have a joyous cadence to them while they tell a rather twisted tale. A mixture of horror, comedy, and love the pieces interlock to develop into something that draws a bit from parody music. References to the over-the-top style of Flight of the Conchords looms large while the song grows and expands in unexpectedly sweet ways. Instrumentally they take up a heady brew, with elements of soundtrack work, fanfare, and more all filtering in to create something that has a joyous carefree quality to it.

After a short sample the thing starts in earnest with those glowing keyboards leading the way. His voice has such crystal clarity to it as the rhythm falls into place. Melody has a lush, jazz-like ethos to it for it incorporates a neon-hued sense of splendour that helps to bring it all together. However, one can tell even from the early part of the track that things are not quite as they seem. Intelligent to its absolute essence there is a peacefulness that is eroded away as the giddy nature becomes ever-more powerful. Upon the track fully building up it suddenly bursts in a magnificent bloom of colour and details. Lyrics are chosen with care and serve as the very centre of the whole work, helping to lend it a certain degree of pathos and passion.

“Dracula” shows off the deft skill of King Castle in crafting a universe that is truly and distinctly his own.



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