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“Life Now” shows off the incredible skills of Conor Scott.

Conor Scott - Life Now

Conor Scott sculpts a kind, inviting world on the soulful “Life Now”. A reassuring spirit takes hold over the entirety of the track while things unfurl in a joyous celebration of color. The stylistic variation feels inspired as Conor incorporates chamber pop, pop, folk, and rock into the fray resulting in a spirit that has a full-bodied approach to it. By far though his poetic lyricism serves as the very focal point of the work. Vocals too do an incredible joy as they are sung with such passion and love. Everything about the piece has a sense of compassion and tenderness resting at the very heart of it all.

The sweeping introduction of the piece gives the work a profound sensibility as the rest of the song quickly comes into place. Rhythms here have a pastoral hue to them akin to Fleet Foxes’ most soulful works. Nothing ever feels overwrought for the balance here is pitch-perfect. Attention to detail matters for the song has a light, airy quality to it. Virtually drenched in a springtime sort of sun, there is a tremendous hope that permeates the piece, one that propels it forward. By allowing so many different elements to intermingle the result is something that has such a caring spirit to it. Almost communal the way the work seems to celebrate a sense of community further adds to the whole of the work.

“Life Now” shows off the incredible skill of Conor Scott in developing a universe that feels distinctly his own.



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