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MARQ Electronica is back with a new release: "Savage Times"

May 2022 - Artist and producer MARQ Electronica did an outstanding job when it comes to channeling a wide variety of influences into his sound. His music is a true crossroads, which allows many different styles to collide. From the energy of funk to the groove of disco, anything goes. Yet, there is something incredibly natural and spontaneous about MARQ Electronica’s music, as the artist comes across as someone who genuinely wants to connect with people. In addition, the artist actually came up with this particular release as a way to find some solace and rediscover some good times through music, especially in light of some personal tragedies (such as losing his father and coping with self-esteem issues), as well as dealing with increasingly difficult politics in his country (UK) and worldwide.

MARQ Electronica’s work on "Savage Times" has an affinity with the sound of artists such as Giorgio Moroder and Justice. Fans of the aforementioned acts should definitely give this release a go, as it might be right up their street in terms of sound and ideas!

Find out more about MARQ Electronica, and listen to "Savage Times". This release is now available to listen to right here:

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