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Martin Smith delivers a truly communal spirit on the powerful and soul-stirring “Trouble".

Martin Smith - Trouble (feat. The Kingdom Choir)

Martin Smith delivers a truly communal spirit on the powerful and soul-stirring “Trouble (feat. The Kingdom Choir)”. The volume is a given for theirs is a sound that washes over every single exquisite detail. A mixture of soul, gospel, arena rock and more there is a tremendous hope that rises through it all. Lyrics here are of the essence while they explore what it truly means to overcome. Vocalists are too numerous to mention, but Martin’s delivery has a passion to it, and the choir is pure absolute fire. Full of such love and care, there is a yearning desire to break free that remains of the utmost essence for the entire piece.

A soft beginning belies the eventual overwhelming power that they unleash later. Right from the start there is a degree of compassion that helps to drive the song forward. Guitar work has a gigantic quality to it, as do the drums which propel the sound forward. Not fast, the main goal of the song is to be emotionally resonant, and it draws the listener into this very vast space, one that is easy to get lost in. Right in the middle of the song they completely let loose. Done with dignity the final stretch lets this energy flow through in a way that has a kind considerate tone, as if no one can ever truly be alone.

“Trouble (feat. The Kingdom Choir)” shows off the incredible taste and timeless vision of Martin Smith in crafting an aural universe that has such an inviting presence to it.



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