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Myrikal offers up a confessional rap on the intensely personal “Latoya & Marlon”.

Myrikal - Latoya & Marlon

A heavy track in every possible way, Myrikal embraces a noir atmosphere with “Latoya & Marlon”. The lyrical content has a tremendous overflow of emotion with the exquisite detail creating a very real look at a life. Verses here are delivered with such fire in a way that adds to the moody disposition of the work. Samples seem to underpin the importance of the message, as the dark steady bass lines and crisp snares further lend the song an ominous quality. Such a darkened outlook overtakes the entirety of the sound, from the polished production that has an austere quality to the intensity of the chords that adorn each element.

The mood is set in a way that feels masterful. Rather than start off with his undeniably smooth flows, he lets the atmosphere build up first. A sense of tension grows and grow as the instrumental aspect alludes to the inevitable bleakness of the piece in a way that is distinctly his own. By allowing all of this to work alongside the sheer commanding presence of his voice, the piece has an urgency behind it. Usage of the looped effects further gives the song a sense of eternity, for the yearning for another only adds to the sense of foreboding that wafts throughout the work. Here nothing is ever resolved the desire to be together feels quite beautiful. Blooming out towards the end of the work there is a tenderness that the toy box melody at the finale conveys that feels so poignant.

Myrikal offers up a confessional rap on the intensely personal “Latoya & Marlon”.



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