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Nana Kottens brings together R&B, hip-hop and pop together into a soothing mix on “Call Girl”.

Nana Kottens - Call Girl

Nana Kottens brings together R&B, hip-hop and pop together into a soothing mix on “Call Girl”. Word choice matters for this vignette explores relationships with true relish. Everything here has a kindness to it. Full of love and compassion the song has a stylish aspect behind it. Tempos go for a leisurely pace ensuring that there is a degree of beauty. Attention to the atmosphere matters a great deal for an intimate setting proves essential. So much compassion flows through every verse. Done with the greatest dignity the respect shown with the sound feels gorgeous.

Slowly but surely the song gradually comes into focus. With that a sound, gleaming and futuristic, enters into the mix. The beats have a nimbleness to them. Geometric in their design the percussive hits play off each other. Over the course of the journey they make sure that there is a bit of experimentation within it. Grooves and tempos get transformed in ways that show a real ability to surprise. By far the very soul of the sound comes from the vocals which are sung with incredible fire and presence. Allowing all of this to enter into the mix adds to the stunning beauty of the piece. Nods to groups like Klein, Rhye, and others further ensure that Nana is a person pushing the sound forward, into unexpected terrain. Within the work there is a keen sense of understanding and affection one that drives the work forward.

“Call Girl” shows off Nana Kottens’ storytelling abilities, delivering a narrative that has such a realism to it.



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