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Nonviolenze Paints a Picture with New Single ‘Green’.

Nonviolenze is an artist with a multitude of talents; he’s a painter and a poet, as well as a songwriter and musician. The amazing thing about this is that each form of art that he creates flows into the others, which makes a lot more sense when you listen to his music.

His new single ‘Green’ – which will be released on 27th July ahead of his upcoming album ‘Seasons’ - is a beautiful recording that you can easily imagine as a painting and it is already, by nature, a poem in the grace and delicacy of the lyrics. This 6-minute slow and tender sonic journey would be a bright painting of a vast valley, with bold blues and greens popping out of the canvas. More intricate details would include carefully drawn birds gliding over the trickling streams below.

Led by the sound of plucking strings and Nonviolenze’s passionate and emotion-driven voice, ‘Green’ meanders through the musical mountains, starting off as a tranquil sunrise of quiet guitar and vocals. Later on, the song hits somewhat of a crescendo as the vocals become louder and more powerful, and the guitar plays some more gritty notes, before coming back down to the original vibe of a green field filled with morning dew, portrayed by some sliding notes with a subtle psychedelic twang to it.

Keep an eye out for Nonviolenze’s upcoming album ‘Seasons’ after the 27th July release of ‘Green’.


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