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Orca brings a joyous, happy energy on the aptly named “Good 4 You”.

Orca - Good 4 You

Orca brings a joyous, happy energy on the aptly named “Good 4 You”. From the treated vocals to the laid-back beats, a pleasant demeanor starts to unfurl. The song’s giddiness invites the listener into his own unique world. With this tropical flavor a bit of color enters into the mix. Kept light, bright, and airy there is a summery spirit that defines much of the work. Over the course of the work the evolution of the groove features a degree of nimbleness, one that allows the many layers to interact in a way that has a tremendous presence to all of it.

Vocals immediately take front and center stage from the first moment. Sung with such love there is a kindness right at the song’s very heart. A relaxed presence permeates the entirety of the work helping to add to the song’s sense of journey that takes it all quite easy indeed. Evolution has a natural presence to it, for they make sure that the lush, luxurious quality feels so warm. Done with such delicacy, elements of hyperpop’s gentler side enter into the equation helping to give it that additional heft. All of it features a bit of nimbleness for the song rushes forward with a clear-eyed focus. Layer upon layer comes in yet there is that right amount of power to it. Bass lines further anchor the piece.

“Good 4 You” features a glistening, glimmering world that is full of such community, proving Orca to be an exquisitely talented storyteller.



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