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Psweatpants “No Reason creates his own unique aural universe one that fully engrosses the listener.

Psweatpants - No Reason

Psweatpants brings pure heart and soul on the energetic freewheeling flows of “No Reason”. The song is fire from the massive beat that accompanies him to the woozy, warped melody that tries to stay alive. All of this is secondary to the sheer commanding presence of his voice. It stuns quite simply. With nods to Earl Sweatshirt and other similarly-minded rappers, this is a reflective take done to perfection. Layers add to the disorienting experience of the groove for it

The song’s unusual approach starts up immediately for he throws a wide variety of different verses into the mix. Flows here are delivered with such intensity for he raps about a life lived to the absolute fullest. Attention to detail matters and he incorporates so much of it that the listener gets a true sense of place within the piece. Buildup does occur but these are light, gentle touches to the overall atmosphere, for it is his vocals that truly take front and centre stage. Mixed with such care, his voice has a powerful allure. Verses are neatly tied together and his storytelling ability is unparalleled. At times the stories even recall a bit of Biggie Smalls’ insistence on the exploration of his surroundings, his neighborhood, and his community. For the final stretch he gradually strips away the sound, bit by bit, until it all completely melts away.

“No Reason” has a wonderfully strange and surreal take, for Psweatpants creates his own unique aural universe one that fully engrosses the listener.



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